5 Reasons You Should Try Cannabis Concentrates

5 Reasons You Should Try Cannabis Concentrates

1. Concentrates Offer Effective Dosing

If your flower just isn’t cutting it and you find yourself consuming more and more to find relief, cannabis concentrates are just what you need. Concentrates are produced from extracting the oils from the cannabis plant that contain the most therapeutic compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes.

One dab will do ya. When you extract cannabis, it creates a powerfully potent concentrate that can provide effective relief without the need to consume large quantities of product. Concentrates typically contain higher levels of THC (the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis) and terpenes which work together synergistically. Your favorite flower may test between 20-30% THC, whereas concentrates can test anywhere from 60-90% and higher.

Aside from the increased potency, concentrates offer a rapid onset. While edibles can take up to two hours to take effect, concentrates act immediately. You can expect the effects to kick in within 5 minutes, allowing you to gauge the right amount for your needs. You’ll find yourself using less product, consuming less frequently and saving time on preparation.

2. Cannabis Concentrates Are Easier on the Lungs

Whether it’s a bong, a joint or your favorite bowl from your local recreational dispensary, smoking flower typically requires combustion. When you combust flower, you are inhaling burnt plant matter which can act as an irritant to your lungs. Vaporizing allows for a safer approach to inhalables and is the primary form of consumption for concentrates.

Cannabis concentrate and a bong

Concentrates are consumed in various forms ranging from portable vaporizers to quartz nails and titanium e-nails. Each method employs vaporizing as a means to deliver concentrates to your body, heating up your concentrates to the point of vaporization and removing the harmful aspects of combustion.

In comparison to combustion, vaporizing helps preserve lung health by creating a steady stream of heated air that allows for more active cannabinoids to remain intact.

A jar of cannabis concentrate to dab

3. Concentrates Are Packed With Terpenes

Terpenes are the aromatic essential oils that give cannabis its unique smell and flavor. If you’ve ever had flower that tastes like a field of ripe oranges, you have limonene to thank. If you’ve ever had flower that tastes like a fresh cut Christmas tree, it’s the pinene. Now imagine harnessing those mouth-watering flavors into a rich and robust concentrated flavor adventure.

Many concentrates, such as Live Resins and HTEs, have exceptionally high concentrations of terpenes. Because terpenes also work with cannabinoids to provide the cumulative effects you feel from cannabis, these high terpene levels not only provide full-bodied flavor, but also increase the overall strength of your experience.

Placing a cannabis concentrate over a dab rig

4. Cannabis Concentrates Offer Discretion

Sometimes less is more. While a “loud” smelling flower can be indicative of a great phenotype, it may not be an optimal fragrance to wear out and about. Since concentrates remove much of the plant matter from cannabis and are also vaporized, there is a far less potent aroma after you exhale, and it doesn’t stick to your clothes like flower does. You won’t have to worry about the post-exhale aroma lingering around either—unlike burnt flowers, the after-effects dissipate relatively quickly.

Pure cannabis concentrates

5. Concentrates Offer Versatility

The world of concentrates is only as big as your imagination. Concentrates are created through a variety of processes ranging from BHO to CO2, Rosin and distillation. We can take this a step further and point out that concentrates can be utilized from dabbing, to cartridges, flower-topping, in edibles and topicals, and more. They serve as a diverse form of relief and create flexibility for consumption.

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