Intro to Terpenes

When selecting a marijuana strain, most consumers look to cannabinoid profiles to see how much THC or CBD is in a product. But as our knowledge of the cannabis plant increases through research and development, we’re finding that terpenes are the key to flavor and a host of effects and benefits. Terpenes are a large category of […]

CBGa: The Genesis of Cannabinoids

Breaking Down the Properties of Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGa) Research of medical cannabis has uncovered more than a hundred different types of cannabinoids, which can be responsible for a tremendous variety of health benefits. Today, we want to give a little more insight into one of the subtle, yet incredibly solid players in the cannabinoid orchestra, […]

What Is a Phenotype?

So you want to know about phenotypes? You might remember the word from high school biology class; you may have heard cannabis connoisseurs speculate on phenos, but unless you’re a hardcore horticulturalist or you breed animals for a living, it’s probably not part of your daily vocabulary, so let’s discover what phenotypes are and why they’re important. Defining […]

Know Your Cannabis: Eight Differences Between Indica and Sativa

Indica and sativa are two subspecies of cannabis, an annual plant in the Cannabaceae family. Though both sativa and indica strains are cannabis, their chemical profiles are different and therefore, produce different results for patients. Here are the eight most significant differences between indica and sativa marijuana plants. Place of Origin for Indica and Sativa […]

The History of Hemp and Its Impact on Cannabis

Whether you’re a regular toker or new to the industry, chances are you’ve heard about (or seen) hemp in one way or another. Often displayed as “pot leaves” on various merchandise sold across an assortment of novelty or souvenir shops, hemp is commonly confused with marijuana because they’re big, leafy and green plants that look […]

5 Reasons You Should Try Cannabis Concentrates

1. Concentrates Offer Effective Dosing If your flower just isn’t cutting it and you find yourself consuming more and more to find relief, cannabis concentrates are just what you need. Concentrates are produced from extracting the oils from the cannabis plant that contain the most therapeutic compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes. One dab will do ya. When you […]

Higher Education: Five Years of Cannabis

The Cannabis Journey My name is Tony Robertson and I work in cannabis. In the interest of establishing context: I started with The Source+ the same week Nevada began allowing recreational sales (July of 2017). This makes me a scarred veteran in some respects, but we have been open and operating since the medical-only days, so I […]