Intro to Concentrates

Intro to Concentrates

Your Source+ for Education: About Concentrates

In the world of cannabis, concentrates are held in high regard because they provide a significant level of potency in many ways. While mainstream cannabis consumption is often seen as smoking a joint; using pure dabs (concentrates) can be more common with veteran stoners. Due to this, individuals who are completely new to cannabis may not fully understand what concentrate is, how it works or how to use it.

If you’re interested in diving into the world of concentrates — we’re here to help! As your Source+ for education, we’ll break down all you need to know about concentrates so you can elevate your smoking experience.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

If you’ve eaten a cannabis-infused product like a gummy or enjoyed a puff from a solventless CAMP disposable, you’ve already come into contact with a cannabis concentrate.

CAMP 5:1 THC and CBN Night Time Drops

Cannabis concentrates are the collection of pure cannabinoids and terpenes that are distilled from a plant. These include oils in a vape pen, tinctures like the CAMP CBN 1:1 Night Time Drops, and even the kief that is accumulated at the bottom of your grinder.

How Are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

As mentioned, concentrates are made when you refine a marijuana plant to some degree and remove the terpenes and cannabinoids to create a concentrated blend of maximum potency. This can be achieved by making rosin through solventless methods with intense heat and pressure, or using CO2 as a solvent to extract oils. Concentrates can also be made simply by grinding and breaking down your flower.

Are Extracts And Concentrates The Same?

Not exactly. Don’t get us wrong — they are similar to some extent because ALL extracts are a form of a concentrate. However, concentrates can also be made for edibles or even topical creams and lotions, so there is a difference.

What Types of Concentrate Are Available?

Now that you understand how concentrates are made, let’s look at four types you can pick up at The Source+!

Topical Creams

Cannabis-based topical creams can include THC, CBD or both to soothe and help alleviate pain while moisturizing. Most of the time, topical concentrates are sought after for joint/arthritis relief, but these lotions can be helpful for other types of pain management.

Pure Concentrates

Concentrates, in their purest form, come in the shape of small, sticky dollops called dabs. These are sealed up and loaded up with incredible terpene profiles for immediate results after use.

Unlike other concentrates, dabs require a device called a dab rig. A dab rig features a small, bowl-like compartment for the concentrate (called the nail) which is heated typically using a blowtorch. Once the nail is at the perfect temperature, the concentrate is added using a specialty dab tool to create vapor.


Edibles are some of the most enjoyable ways to consume concentrates. Unlike pure concentrates that require a dab rig and heat, you can simply drink or eat a product containing THC and experience a high with little to no weed taste.

Recommended brands:

  • Incredibles
  • SIP Elixirs
  • Wyld

Vapes and Disposables

Vapes and disposables offer unmatched convenience without any required maintenance or cleanup. Furthermore, cannabis brands like CAMP have perfected the art of live rosin extraction (high heat and pressure with no solvent) vs. live resin extraction (freezing and using a butane or propane solvent). That means that the methods of consuming concentrates are becoming safer, cleaner and, overall, more effective.

ONEderful Pina Colada sativa cannabis cartridge

Recommended brands:

  • CAMP
  • ONEderful
  • 8|Fold

Shop Concentrates at The Source+!

As technology advances, cannabis concentrates will continue to be utilized to their greatest potential to create one-of-a-kind products for both medical and recreational cannabis consumers. Over time, we at The Source+ will continue to educate our customers (and ourselves) with the latest updates while carrying products from only the top brands of the industry.

If you have any further questions about concentrates, please contact us, visit our IG @thesourcedispensary or visit one of our stores today!

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