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Our Commitment to Diversity

Cannabis consumers are not bound by race or religion, gender or age. They are encompassing of all. Cannabis is inclusive; a social activity, yet a personal retreat. A shared experience with others, but unique to oneself. Cannabis is a bridge. An equalizer. These are more than just words to us. This is a time of social change; a revolution of sorts. As responsible cannabis users ourselves, these are the same values we seek in our mission to normalization.


Like the product itself, we have built a team that is inclusive and promotes individuality, and is representative of the diverse consumers of cannabis. Our team represents all and excludes none. We promote equality, inclusion, and acceptance. We have created a unique community, steeped in the diversity of our team members. This is important to us as a retail store, in that it ensures our customers (who are equally diverse) feel welcome and at ease.


We believe in the power of the plant and that includes a balanced approach to a healthy body, mind, and spirit


We lead by following the rules to the highest standard. Being serious is required, having fun is strongly advised


Be authentic & genuine. We know when to be honest and humble enough to admit when we make a mistake.


We are leaders in the cannabis economy, focused on doing it right and in it for the long haul.